Published by root on Sunday, May 8, 2016

This is me…


Q: Why …this?
A: Personal notes about drinking, as I try not to repeat on bottles, I needed a record of what I’ve already tried or had.

Q: Motivation for continuing?
A: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)! Variety!

Q: How many bottles do I have?
A: See the list here: https://www.aerin.org/?page=catalog

Q: When did I start with whiskey?
A: Since about 2008, but picked up momentum around 2012, and again around 2016, and again around 2020.

Q: Favorite spirit type?
A: 60/30/5/5: Scotch/Bourbon/Rye/Other

Q: Favorite Distilleries?
A: (No order, and higher end stuff from them)… Balvenie, Glenlivet, Linkwood, Glenfarclas, Glendronach, Macallan, Highland Park.

Q: Least favorite type of whiskey to drink?
A: Young Peat. Very young or engineered bourbon. Cheap bottom shelf spirits. Flavored spirits.

Q: Recommendation for something different?
A: Old Potrero 100% malted rye whiskey, single cask, high proof only.

Q: Another recommendation for something different?
A: Tropical Rum: Foursquare Exceptional cask series; any one of them.

Q: Recommend first scotch to try?
A: Balvenie Caribbean Cask or Balvenie DoubleWood. Glendronach 15. Also see this: https://www.aerin.org/?page=findable100

Q: My first Scotch?
A: Laphroaig 10 over ice. Hated it.

Q: What do I drink?
A: See https://www.aerin.org/?page=catalog

Q: Favorite mixed drink?
A: Manhattan!

Q: Why spirits?
A: Maximum flavor, minimal volume. I don’t drink a lot of liquids in daily life.

Q: Why do I love/hate something?
A: Personal palate preferences, highly subjective.

Q: How do I rate myself as taster?
A: I can tell if I like what is in my glass or not.

The rest of the page is intentionally left blank!