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Published by root on Saturday, July 4, 2020


Not unicorns
Under $100

Scotch Consideration in order of importance:

Distillery >> Age >> Style/Barrel >> Proof
Each distillery has its own ’style’ that’s different from others
Generally, higher age is better
No age statement bottles are a gamble unless known good
Always go for highest affordable age of same distillery (ie. Glenlivet 12 is just okay but 18 is great)
Proof above 90 plays miniscule role on flavor

Scotch Blended:

Generally, I do not recommend cheaper blended scotch
Compass Box Blended whiskeys get an honorable mention

Scotch Unpeated:

Glendronach 12+
Glenfarclas 12+
Balvenie (any)
Oban (any)
Glenmorangie (any)
Aberlour (any)
Bruichladdich (any)
Glenlivet 18
AnCnoc 12+
Aberfeldy 15+
Old Pulteney 12+

Scotch Peated:

Lagavulin 16
Ardbeg Uugadail
Laphroaig Quarter Cask/Cairdeas
Highland Park 12 Viking Honor
Port Charlotte

Bourbon Consideration in order of importance:

Distillery/Brand >> Proof == Single Barrel/Store Pick >> Age
Note: It’s mostly memorization what is good or not
Proof is directly proportional to flavor in bourbons
Age makes little difference on quality or taste
Main Points to look for:
Anything Single Barrel
Anything Cask Strength, or at least 100 proof
Anything Store Pick

Bourbon (some are rarer than others):

Buffalo Trace
Eagle Rare
Four Roses Single Barrel (100 Proof)
Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style
Elijah Craig Small Batch
Knob Creek 120 or 15 years old
Booker’s (rare, but findable)
Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch (rare, but findable)
Blanton’s Single Barrel (rare, but findable)


Pikesville Rye
Willett Family Rye 4yr
Whistle Pig (store pick preferably)
Masterson’s Rye
Knob Creek Rye
Russell’s Reserve Rye gets an honorable mention

Always Stock on MY SHELF:

— Bourbon
Russell’s Reserve 10 Bourbon Store Pick
Wild Turkey Rare Breed
MGP Bourbon Store Pick
Fighting Cock Bourbon
Booker’s (any) Or KC15 Store Pick
Eagle Rare Store Pick or John J Bowman Single Cask
— Scotch
Sherried Speyside Scotch
Ex-Bourbon Scotch
Dessert or Wine Cask Finish Scotch
Sherry Bomb Scotch