Friday, March 8, 2019

Whisky Review 4 BenRiach 15 & Kirkland 27

BenRiach 15 Pedro Ximenes
For ~$50 this is a no-brainer if you like sherry-finished juice. It’s no Macallan or Glendronach (aged fully in sherry) but its nice, clean, and reasonably balanced. Reminds me a lot Kirkland 18 sherry expressions from few years back. I’m not a fan of BenRiach’s regular 12 year old release as I found it somewhat bitter on the aftertaste. The PX finish balances it with enough sherry funk to either mask the bad aftertaste notes or the extra few years have flushed bitterness from the spirit. Overall, quite pleasing drink. Nothing is outstandingly amazing but it’s well crafted and easily drank, especially if you enjoyed sherry-finished bottles in the past. I’m pleasantly surprised and will keep eye on higher-aged releases from this distillery down the road.

Update two years later: hahahahaha not a chance of that price and quality again! Also, with change of ownership bye bye interesting releases. I tip my hat to you old BenRiach you were one of the fearless greats that dared to experiment!
Score: N/A

Kirkland 27 Blended Scotch ~$50
An interesting contrast. Inexpensive Kirkland (Alexander Murray) product that’s a 27 years of age in the bottle. On the other hand, the insides are uninspiring and almost not interesting mix for its age. Oh its smooth, slightly sweet and somewhat nutty, like roasted walnuts and flows beautifully but I guess I was hoping for something of interest after 27 years. With my eyes closed it could be 18 or 15 and I wouldn’t be able to tell a difference. Also a tiny bit of that walnut bitterness in the end doesn’t help. Was someone dumping their over-aged refill barrel stock into these and calling it a blend? Also a note of precaution for new whiskey buyers: 40% abv on independent bottler bottles is a red flag that something is ‘wrong’ with it to require being diluted to minimal legal proof for mass-market sell off.
https://www.winemag. … hisky-aged-27-years/
Score: N/A