Saturday, October 8, 2016


Random thoughts while being unemployed…

– Most everything I cook is either fried, baked, or potatoes. Or fried potatoes.
– WoW’s Legion is quite good.
– Most house chores are easily doable or possible with proper tools and parts.
– Barkeeper’s Friend is YOUR friend (just don’t use it on anything chromed)…
– Being honest and job searching is hard. I don’t like lying on interviews and everyone wants perfectly mastered skills that I want to learn.
– Lumbar support pillows are god-sent for chairs.
– Web Novels are quite fun. Just make sure to check on translation status and speed before starting on some of them, I’ve ran into one that will take 20 years to finish with current speed of translation…

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Well once again I’m back on the net. Pardon the dust as I figure things out and don’t post any content.

As a note if you want to see my horribly old and embarrassing pictures the gallery is on the right menu.