Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Glenturret, Loch Lomond, Glen Garioch, Tullibardine; Whisky Review 3

Final Open Bottles Entry!

Glenturret 12 Single Cask:

Well this one is fun. Imagine Glendronach 12 on steroids… then make it cask strength and crank it up to 11. Super dark, super pungent, super sherry. Very very funky. At the same time beautiful mouth-coating taste, almost savory notes on the tongue and fantastic nose. It does show its young age a bit in some of the rougher notes but overall tasty and my kind of dram.
Score: N/A

Loch Lomond 22 Single Grain Single Cask:
This one is a conundrum… On one hand, it definitely hits my ‘weird bottle’ checkbox. On the other… Technically a single malt, distilled in a vodka (pot) still. And its definitely got those vodka notes going on that even 22 years did little to mask. When freshly opened… was not a fan. It has grown on me since as it has opened up some and is somewhat of a drinkable diversion; but I’ll just say that if I had to buy it again… I wouldn’t.
Score: N/A

Glen Garioch 15 Single Cask:
A wonderfully light highlander. Tastes like sweet apples, light spices, a little bit of citrus and summer. So light in-fact that if bottle didn’t say 55% abv I wouldn’t have believed it. Wonderful tasty light drink. Borderline flawless execution.
Score: N/A

Tullibardine Polly’s Cask / Alexander Murray:
No. Just no. Its bad. Yeasty and tastes wrong. Only keeling it around for mixing with Coca Cola or something. Excuse me; i need to get that taste out of my mouth again.
(Sample Review Here):
https://thewhiskeyju … -pollys-cask-review/
Score: N/A