Friday, September 10, 2021

GlenAllachie 10, Cask Strength vertical

Because… Why not? So these are Billy Walker’s (who’s a legendary ex-GlenDronach (among others) master blender) signature releases that he personally blends (same distillery so still Single Malt) annually. All the components are at least 10 years old. Btw this get more sherried and darker in color with progressive batches.

GlenAllachie 10, Cask Strength, Batch #1, 57.1%
Coming out at number 1… This is a Oloroso, PX, Virgin Oak mix. The nose starts a bit like Aberlour Casg Annamh https://www.aerin.or … y:entry201226-170937, but with time becomes almost pure vanilla sugar. Delicious nose to say the least, reminding me of some of the best home baked goods. The palate is sweet, sherried, slightly nutty and spicy. A long, warming and quite complex, buttery finish with some spice finish. In short, all that is tasty in Speyside whiskeys. I don’t want to draw too much parallels with Casg, but it really does remind me of it, though clearly higher proofed. Basically a vanilla sugar or perhaps a vanilla butter cookie in the glass with a solid malt core, unlike some single grains which are butter cookie without the malt. Highly enjoyable full proofer and I would absolutely drink this pretty much any time.
https://www.whiskyba … iskies/whisky/111366
Score: A

Wow… what a way to start… That score (above) came out of nowhere.

GlenAllachie 10, Cask Strength, Batch #2, 54.8%
Contender number 2 comes in as a blend of Oloroso, PX, Virgin Oak… which is similar to contender number 1… though not a guaranteed to be the same proportion. To be fair… the nose is almost the same… if perhaps a little bit more sherried. The palate is a very different number. It’s still mostly sugar coated nuts… but less complex or interesting vs #1… The aftertaste is… well, malty, spicy and sweet with sherry but not too complex. This is a great everyday pour overall but it doesn’t make me think. Very much a higher proof Casg Annamh as opposed to #1 which weared off and did its own amazing thing. Where 1 was special… this is somewhat generic. It’s really good on it’s own; yet not outstanding at the same time.
https://www.whiskyba … iskies/whisky/121381
Score: B+

Both 1&2 are Oloroso, PX, Virgin Oak but the grades are a good reminder how same-ish components on paper can make for a VERY different result

GlenAllachie 10, Cask Strength, Batch #3, 58.2%
Coming in as #3… it is a 1st Fill Sherry Cask, Oloroso, PX mix. Oh, this nose is just pure chocolate and perhaps a little bit of a banana. The palate is nutty sherry indungence. Wood, malt, sherry sweetness, nuttyness. Fantastic. Does not drink anywhere near it’s proof either. The aftertaste is moderately long and delicious with chili spices coming to play with chocolate. It’s essentially a dark chocolate with chili. This is a slam dunk pour.
https://www.whiskyba … iskies/whisky/136699
Score: A

#3 is Amazing!

GlenAllachie 10, Cask Strength, Batch #4, 56.1%
Batch #4 brings in…PX & Oloroso Sherry Puncheons + Virgin Oak! Quite restrained on the nose after the glory that was #3… It took me a bit of swishing to get to it open up… But once it did… Strong perfume notes, red orchard fruit jam and some chocolate covered cherries. Very gentle and silky on the palate. More of the cherry and milk chocolate notes from sherry. The aftertaste lasts for a while and as cherry fades, light chili spices comes in to replace it. A tasty fruity cherry and chocolate pour that’s not super complex aside from those main notes on the nose palate and aftertaste… yet doesn’t get boring. Also I like cherries and chocolate so I’m certainly biased.
https://www.whiskyba … iskies/whisky/167436
Score: A-

#4 is a bit of a letdown after batch 3 glory…

GlenAllachie 10, Cask Strength, Batch #5, 55.9%
And finally… a PX, Oloroso, Virgin Oak, and Rioja Casks recipe in Batch #5. So this in on paper a #4 with addition of Rioja (Spanish red wine) casks. Nose is red berry punch and bits of chocolate yet again. Did I say ‘chocolate’ enough times in these reviews yet? Spicy, very complex, sherry, wood, red wine, wild berries of different sorts on the palate. Warm as it goes in. Nutmeg and cloves on top of cup of chocolate in winter. Almost dessert red wine or port notes by combining Rioja and sherry. Slightly bitter after ‘chewing’. The aftertaste is nutmeg and cloves, very warming and lasts for a long while balancing bittersweet spices. Perhaps an overly complicated due to sherry AND red wine casks, but certainly an enjoyable pour. Seems to get better the further I taste it.
https://www.whiskyba … iskies/whisky/178036
Score: A-

#5 takes a slight edge over #4 due to complexity but perhaps not quite enough for a clear A grade

My order of preference in the line up is… #3, #1, #5, #4, #2… with even numbers scoring slightly less while still being quite enjoyable overall. A fantastic choice for any Scotch lover as one really cannot go particularly wrong with either batch here.

Scoring Breakdown: https://www.aerin.or … age=scores_breakdown